Yesterday my Fiancé and I managed to carve out the bottom line of the terraced garden that we’re making on the slope in the back-forty of the property and made the topmost tier. We won’t be able to do much with it in terms of growing things this year (it’s a bit late in the season for planting) but we plan to have it ready for next year’s planting. So far this little project has taken us two days in total.

Day one, happened some time back, when my Fiancé had some time off and wanted to put his energy into something – for lack of a better word – organic. On that day, we cleared most of the debris and otherwise wild plant growth as well as marked out where we wanted to start the topmost tier.

The soil is fascinating; some parts are dense with clay, others with sand, others with soil, and the newest layer we hit yesterday was that of chalk. The hillside has a distinctive layer system, which is more easily seen by us because we’re tackling it on a slope instead of a flat surface. It will be interesting to see what comes next.

Despite all attempts of my father growing up, I did not have much of an interest in gardening; even now I could basically take it or leave it. The things that interest me on this is the engineering aspect of the tier formations. Logistics has always been appealing to me, regardless of how it is applied or where, so I find that, even if my back and arms are sore today, I’m not deterred from the task. I won’t be satisfied until it is complete.

We’re at the end of the UK Tax year and I’m happy to report that income before deductions was even better than expected. This means we have one less thing to worry about when we go to apply for my Settlers VISA – really, it was the biggest hiccup that we would have to deal with; proving that we met the income requirements – now that it’s in the bag, any concerns regarding the VISA in question are basically minor. We’re still not taking chances, however, after the ring-around with the Fiancee VISA this time we’re having an attorney review and sign off on it before we submit.

20 days from now, we’ll be signing that all-important document and exchanging rings. Our bands are a lot like the ones my parents had when they first got married; plain white gold, no detailing, subtle and understated. Simple and perfect, in my not-so-humble opinion. I’m going avant-garde (kind of) to the signing dressed in a slimming ruby red dress that I got with my mother, grandmother and her boyfriend; my hair done up with pearls as my stylist in the USA, Michael, showed me before I left – complementing this, I will be wearing the pearl earrings from my parents, the pearl necklace that my grandpa Jose gave my mother, and a shawl given to me by a good family-friend, Shamsa. The makeup will have to be more understated – no mascara or I will look like Lindsey Lohan when she got arrested… and not in the good way (yikes).

Most brides picture themselves as princesses on their big day, I see myself as a goddess. I am etherial, timeless and beyond the reach of mere mortals (well, I’ve always believed that to an extent; one of my uncles has said that I am “Elitist” before and I wholeheartedly agree). This self-confidence and pride I keep and take with me everywhere I go. I aim to be the embodiment of such values, despite knowing that perfection is impossible to attain, so I will be unflappable in the face of what others would consider challenges or difficulties (to a normal human, yes, they would be, but this is me we’re talking about, and I’m a GODDESS… yeah, feel free to start laughing at any point now).

The weather is finally warming up, and drastically at that; we’ll be going from about 30F to 60F in the span of 48 hours – if the weather report is anything to be believed. One final cold-snap from the north and then I’ll probably sunbathe in the back garden just to mess with the locals a bit (who will probably still hold that it is too cold still to do such things). I do aim to misbehave at times, and upsetting the normal is always entertaining to me.


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