Two Months

Officially, the two month mark since my arrival in the UK will be tomorrow and the countdown to the marriage signing begins… well basically on the 1st of April, but details, details…

I’m trying to think back to when I first arrived, how I felt then and the challenges that I faced. Most of them, through the help of my Fiancé and his family, I’ve either mastered or come to grips with in the way of resigned acceptance. Sometimes, that’s the best I can really hope for when something, despite attempts to explain the logic, just doesn’t make sense. Chalk it up to a weird quirk and leave it at that.

After a couple of really nice, sunny, days; today feels a bit gloomy as I sit and work my way through the 6 loads of laundry (most of which is mine, because I tend to layer my outfits) that we accumulated over the week.

I think it will be funny, when we get married on the 30th, how anti-climactic it will be. We have the rings, a couple of readings selected and after much deliberation (seriously, this took way longer than we thought it would) we picked out some music. The biggest challenge was not really in finding an entrance song or even the departing song (though we did change that one a couple of times before settling on the one we did) but in picking a song to be used when we were signing the papers.

The one we chose is 9-minutes long; there was one that was longer, but I think I may save that for some other time. Probably for some sort of entrance music for the ceremony’s after-party. If 11-minutes isn’t enough for that, I don’t know what to do for you. 😛

But I’m rambling. Back on the original topic, I am basically half-way until the point where I hit the migration wall (you will recall that it has been said a couple of times now that most transplants feel the full brunt of their homesickness at about 4 months). I think that, for the most part, I’m taking things in stride. Everyone has their ups and downs, but so far the challenges haven’t been unexpected. I know how to work the water heater – which is something that I was eying from the start with uncharacteristic apprehension – and I’m not afraid of using the oven anymore, either.

At this point, while they don’t feel like little things just yet, I’m more secure in the knowledge that – if it is breathing to everyone else, eventually I will be no different in that regard.


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