Resources and Holidays

I was fortunate enough yesterday, to see the mail arrive; in it was a local magazine published by the city’s council and it contained a wealth of information on all sorts of things from new health initiatives, to a plan to help utility-payers barter and switch to cheaper deals with their utility companies, to energy reduction plans and the purchase of an old, decommissioned, military air-strip to be converted into something (to be determined by vote of the populous).

I spent a good portion of the day looking up websites and bookmarking for future reference, be it for myself or others that I know. I also found out that, here, Dominos has a Gluten-free crust option for their pizzas, that was also a nice FYI.

As nerdy as it sounds, it was somewhat fun; collecting information like that was one thing I did as a hobby at one point in my life when I was still in the states – it was a great resource for clients back in the day when I still worked at a FoodShelf.

Today is Good Friday, as many of you know. Now, I’m not religious by any real stretch of the word, so Christian Holidays – regardless of the fact that I am now living in a Protestant nation (see the most recent survey on that here: there is a graph breakdown and table with percentages on page 2), though if the trend continues I foresee that shifting in the next 10 or so years.

Anyway, it’s Easter coming down the pike. In this house, this will basically be like Thanksgiving, only one day will be lamb, the next will be salmon and the third will be turkey. Any leftovers remaining will be lunch, of course, so we’re probably going to have 6 or more heavy meals in the next three days – if anyone was on a diet before this point, they are screwed now – so yeah, it is the UK equivalent to Thanksgiving.


One thought on “Resources and Holidays

  1. Domino’s has gluten-free pizza crusts here, too. If you read the fine print, though, they don’t separate the areas so there is a huge problem with cross-contamination.

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