Celebrations, Experiments and Conversations

My Fiancé’s birthday is (eek) tomorrow. He doesn’t know it yet – due to the fact that I only just thought of the Perfect Gift(TM) today – but he will have a present. Shhh, no telling.

Things have been fun; he and I made fudge together yesterday (we get extra points for this one because we did it without proper thermometer) which was an experiment within an experiment in its own right. Learning how we manage tasks separately as well as a team is important for us as a couple. Like most things involving relationships, it takes a certain amount of trial-and-error to make fudge in the manner we did. The first batch was ambitious, I’ll admit, (Maple Fudge) and we didn’t quite manage it as well as the second batch (Banana Chocolate fudge with walnuts on top).

Where I think in terms of staging steps of the process for efficiency, my Fiancé thinks of the whole project and preps everything out before even starting. Where I eye-ball and guess-timate things, he likes set and well defined perimeters.

In the end, both methods get us there, so who can call either approach wrong? At first, it was something of a challenge for both of us, trying to bend and flex and adapt to each other’s methods. I let him be in charge of measuring ingredients and he let me gauge the temperatures and doneness of the overall product while we took turns stirring and/or whisking.

It will do nothing for my waistline, but we’ll probably do more projects like this in the weeks to come as it gives us a creative outlet that we can share with each other.

The other day, I had the unexpected surprise of my future sister-in-law and her husband stop by the house to visit me and see how I was getting on. I’m fond of all of my future in-laws, though right now I think these two hare topping the list in that they are both active listeners and are willing to self-disect why and how the things I find to be quirky ended up that way. It’s helpful, because I can then better wrap myself around the logic and, from there, I learn more as a result.

It’s also nice that I can trust them to be honest regarding perceptions – when my perceptions are off, they say so and explain why, and, alternatively, they provide validity and reassurance when I hit the nail on the head. That level of trust is important to me, especially right now when I am still the odd-fish in the new pond.

I can only hope that I am able to reciprocate as time goes on.

With just 5 days remaining to the picnic at the neighbor’s, I’m becoming more excited and, perhaps, a bit more anxious. Due to his work schedule, my Fiancé won’t be able to attend; his mother is visiting with friends on that day and, likewise, his father is also at work.

Meaning I am going to be flying solo on this one. I assume there will be at least 10 or so teenagers lounging about doing what teens do (i.e. texting and talking about stuff they don’t want their parents to know even though they are basically 20 feet away). My greatest concern is that I’ll be too plastic, or robotic, due to being out of my depth. It’s harder, for me, to be a guest than it is to be a hostess – at least as a hostess I can use the excuse of food and such when I’m at a loss for what to say to keep the conversation rolling (then again, most of the time, I’ve had my family with me when I’ve been hosting and I never needed to be in charge of keeping a flow of dialogue).

A part of me wonders what sorts of questions will be asked. I’ll have to keep in mind that there are strict anti-bragging rules (unless the bragging is given in a way that is also self-depreciating) to follow.


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