On the 23rd there will be a neighborhood picnic held at the house two doors down. The family there originally moved to the UK some 17 years ago, I found out after speaking with the wife of the household – Miss N as she will be known on this blog – on the phone when I RSVP’d today.

It will be interesting to hear stories of her own experiences and adventures not to mention the things she misses about the country they left behind. I’m excited at the prospect of meeting not just new people, but in meeting people who live in the community I now share.

I did meet Miss N’s daughter a couple of weeks ago; a sweet girl, who strikes me as the calm, assertive type, who is about the same age as my Cousin A. I won’t deny being curious to see the differences in social expectations between the two girls; the things I have observed in my cousin and how they differ between Miss N’s daughter and, of course, how they are similar.

It will also be fun to see the differences, if any, there are between her daughter and her son – since her son was born here in the UK, whereas her daughter immigrated along with her and her husband.

Plus there will be the dynamics of any other people coming to the informal function. That will be engaging as well. I suspect that the two hours in which this all takes place will just wizz on past like a convoy trying to make a deadline.

Another part of me, aside from all of this, hopes to make some connections. By the time all is said an done and I have my Settlers VISA in hand, any people that I meed are potential spring-boards from which I may gain my first form of employment here. Like most, the hardest part will be for me to get my foot through the door.


One thought on “Community

  1. Networking is a good thing. It’s important whatever you end up doing. I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventure. 🙂

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