Television and Notices

I am astounded by what ends up on British (in fairness, it’s late-night) Television. My future father-in-law likes watching Spartacus: War of the Damned. First off, I can’t even recall an American show, late-night or not, that ever had a title with swearing in it that wasn’t already censored. If that was the only difference it would be plenty.

When it comes to TV, Americans can only parody being avant-garde or pushing the envelope. The British, the whole UK in fact, have the US trumped in spades on this one.

Spartacus, told in a way not unlike that of Homer in his Iliad or the Odyssey, spares nothing in blood, gore and nudity. About the only thing it isn’t gratuitous about is the sex, but even that probably so that it won’t get slapped with an XXX rating.

So, in short, watching said show with said future father-in-law is an exercise in A-W-K-W-A-R-D. Honestly, I’m taking it like most Americans of my generation does when faced with something that turns their stomachs – I’m anteing up.

Me, green at the gills? NAAAHHH, would never happen; I don’t mind eating my dinner coated in a red tomato sauce after watching someone get disemboweled.

If there was any concern about me being completely desensitized in this day and age, we can rest assured that there are points when I need to look away from the screen. As strange as it sounds, I look forward to commercials (when they can’t fast-forward through them since they have what is basically the UK equivalent to the TiVo) as it gives us a momentary reprieve.

This isn’t to say that my opinion about Television has changed – I still think TV is the world’s leading cause of brain-waste ever invented. It’s just that, like how at my Grandmother’s house the TV is always on, the household also semi-circles around that same media outlet.

Still 100+ channels and still nothing really worth the feeling of my brains oozing out of my ears. Both my Fiancé and I can happily get through a day without even looking at the TV screen, or even turning it on. Which does make me consider two possibilities:

1. That there is a generational gap-jump that happened that caused Generation Y to rebel against the ‘tube (unlikely);

or, 2. We’re just a couple of freaks of nature and the fact that we can’t stand what most others find normal and acceptable simply highlights that fact (more likely).

Aside from regular programming, I am finding the commercials (however slight) more tolerable than those in the States. But, really, that’s all the difference between someone stomping on my big toe versus my smallest one.

Mainstream media aside, today we – in keeping with UK laws – gave our notice to marry today. £70 (£35 per person) to the poorer, a bunch of basic questions later (How do you spell his/her name? When was he/she born? What does he/she do for a living? etc.), a form to finish filling out and submit (at a later date, we didn’t have to complete it that day) and that was that.

Basically, it was painless; the hype that was given to the whole thing was seriously overrated. Personally, I think my Fiancé’s siblings were intentionally ambiguous just to make us sweat (see: trolled the bejeezes out of our behinds like a boss XD). I’m pretty sure they’re still laughing and, honestly, I wouldn’t hold it against them; this is likely to become a right-of-passage for any new people coming into the family for future generations.

So at last, with that bit out of the way, we just need to buy rings, finish filling out the form and send it in and we can get married (finally) on the 30th of April.

Not bad.


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