One Month

Officially, I will have been in the UK for one month effective Tuesday afternoon. Walking back from the grocery store the other day, however, prompted me to consider how I am managing now versus how I was on day 1.

Day 1 was full of happiness and sadness – the depressing realization that my whole life in the states was basically contained within 3 suitcases and 2 carry-ons; the mystifying moments when I would be fine one second and then crying the next; feeling as though I had woken up with amnesia and knew that while everything had a certain familiarity to them, I still couldn’t completely understand what I was looking at… That first week was challenging, to say the least.

Now, I’m getting on better – by no means am I perfect, but I’m managing – I still have problems finding things at the store (for example), and the sizes of packaging still craze me somewhat, but one way or another I deal with it.

The other night, I made Nachos for dinner. I made the cheese sauce from scratch, the guacamole and salsa as well. The meat was the easiest as I was able to procure all the seasonings I needed for my “famous” recipe (Which largely consists of Paprika and Cumin) plus two teaspoons of sugar at the end to make it slightly sweet as that was part of the request from my Fiancé.

It was a longer process since I had to make so much ahead of time – I started working on it sometime around 2PM and finished just in time for the Fiancé to arrive home at about 7PM – but it was worth it, I thought.

Like a lot of things, it wasn’t quite how it would be if it had been made in the States, but it was good enough.

I’m still learning when it comes to products; it can be really funny how some cleaning supplies have instructions on how to use them and some do not. Today, for example, I spent 10 minutes looking and reading every bit of text I could find on a bottle of floor cleaning solution only to conclude that, when it says “Spray and mop” on the front, it literally means just that.

The floor looks clean, I won’t argue that, but something tells me that I should invest in a different solution when a 10×10 room uses half of the bottle (yikes). Though I can’t really argue that the water, once I was done, was pitch black, so it must have been cleaning up something.

Tuesday, as part of the marriage process, we’re going to give our 16 day notice for getting married. In the UK, couples are required to do this so that it gives ample time for others to object to the union if something is amiss. Part of the Notice-giving process is that we will be interviewed both as a couple as well as on our own to give validity to the relationship.

I’m both confident and nervous at the same time; I never did like other people having executive control over any aspect of my adult life… though, I can’t imagine anyone would be comfortable in such a situation regardless of their immigration status.


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