Updates on Circles and Communication

At last, d-day… at least for the hair-raising issue of, well, my hair. Michael, don’t panic; the man isn’t as much of a psychopath as I originally thought. Like many things, it boils down to plain, simple, communication and miscommunication. Thankfully, in this instance, I’m glad that the information that was given to me ahead of time was completely off.

The hair stylist, John, cleared up a lot of things when I spoke to him while he did my Fiancé’s hair today. Prime being the use of straight irons in hair cutting.

The jury is still out, however; as I remain skeptical. He said, when doing things that are more complex (he used layering as an example – you can understand my skepticism now), he likes to use an iron so that he can better see what he’s doing.

He gets points for being logical, I’ll give him that, but I’m not sure I trust him yet. As I said in an earlier post – finding a hair stylist for curly-girls is almost worse than dating for a very good reason. He did a good job with the Fiancé’s hair, I’m not criticizing his abilities – I just don’t know if I can trust him with MINE completely; and I won’t know for sure until I am in a position to take the leap of faith as far as that goes.

Which I will have to give the first test on… probably some six months from now. So put a pin in this topic, and I’ll address it on later date.

Moving on, following up on my mini-adventure with the Community Centre – which apparently even my Fiancé had never been to before (oops) – near the familial home.

It… really wasn’t what I was hoping for. It was what I expected, so I wouldn’t call what I feel disappointment, but it wasn’t what I was hoping to find. If you can understand that.

When I arrived, the main entry – full of displays for this thing or that event that was going on in the community (everything from Yoga to martial arts to child daycare to council meetings). Most of which, unfortunately, costing anywhere from £4-10.

Despite the let-down, I’m thinking there may still be something worth salvaging from the experience; Council meetings are free to attend, and even if all I do is just sit and listen, it will help me better integrate with the community. On the plus, I’ll stand a better chance of meeting people who care somewhat about what goes on around them; which is something I’ll have in common, at least.

I’ll be able to confirm that once I take a second look at the place on another day.

-Edited  17/2/2013-

I forgot to mention something! I did I did. My bad, I flat-lined on something I wanted to mention in this post last night.

A day or so ago, I found a website that other US-born transplants in the UK might find useful: http://www.uk-yankee.com

In short, it’s an online community for people from the US in the UK to communicate and share information/resources. I’ve only just scratched the surface of the site so far, but it likely will be something that I will find useful in the future.


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