Being There

Even when we want to be there for our families who are in our home country, it’s not always possible. My heart and thoughts are with my grandmother and my uncle who are both recovering from their own unique maladies; and while I can call, I already know it is far from being enough.

We do what we can and we try our best and we hope that those feelings are heard. That’s about all we can do in these situations.

There is also the added challenge of doing so and yet continuing to live my everyday life here while I am at it. Though it feels like it sometimes, the world does not actually stop turning when something goes wrong on the other side of the pond. I try to keep things logical and reasonable, but this is less of a mental thing than it is an emotional one – it is frowned upon to try to take it all in stride and just keep on as I do. Of course, my family is right in that; it is a bit cold to do so.

But how does someone stay sane and keep a cool head in a crisis if they don’t? I’m told that I am dependable for that reason. If I said that I didn’t find the humor in that, I would be lying.


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