Finding a Routine and Too Many Shortcuts

Before I left the states, I had a firm routine that I followed more-or-less religiously. 5:30AM, wake up and feed the Husky – Anya – and the cats (LT and Hanin) if their bowl(s) were empty.

5:40AM (if there was work) breakfast and shower before getting dressed and out the door.

If not? Well it was back to bed for two more hours before I decide that I can’t lay in anymore and do my normal week-end chores.

12 – 2PM ish is “Lunch time,” if I have work, it’s back to work thereafter until 4:30PM. If not, it’s keeping myself occupied.

5PM – Feed Anya again and make my own dinner.

After that it’s random chores I didn’t do during the weekend (normally laundry) and toddling around the internet for something to keep me entertained before going to bed at around 9-10PM.

Here, on the other hand, I’m just starting to establish my routine and getting a feel for everyone else’s. It’s one thing to know my Fiancé’s schedule when I’m 4,000 miles away and all I have to do is just not call during the times when I know he’s at work, but here it’s a whole different ballgame.

The other day I was horrified, and my hair dresser in the states would be too (Michael save me!) when my future mother-in-law had a chat with her own stylist about my hair and (all I can say is I hope she just misunderstood him) she reported back to me that, for people with curly hair like mine, he recommends that they FLAT IRON IT before coming in and having it cut by him so that he can cut it all nice and perfectly straight.

Michael save me. Seriously. My Fiancé has an appointment with this same stylist in a couple of weeks and it was suggested that I tag along and hear what the man has to say myself.

For those who may not realize it, I’ve had a very long love-hate relationship with my hair ever since I was a child and my mother couldn’t figure out how to “deal with it.” It wasn’t until 4-5 years ago that I really came to appreciate, and in fact, adore my own curliness – that was thanks, on a large part, by my stylist in the states, Michael.

For curly-girls, finding the right stylist is almost worse than dating; with dating, if the first date doesn’t go well you can usually move on without much fuss… but one bad haircut is all it takes and you are screwed for 6 months. Michael understood this because he has curly hair himself and, more to it, he takes pride in helping his curly-girls come to love what was given to them naturally (even if he currently straightens his).

Michael, if all else fails, I will plan and schedule a hair appointment with the next time I am in the states (be it 6 months or 2 years from now). Why? Because he understands curly hair.

Any hair stylist who says they flat-iron their clients hair before cutting it and somehow expects it to still look good when the strands curly-cue up three inches… frankly, does not. And never will.

So, I’m scared and off my kilter about that; I’ll listen to the guy, but I’m making it clear right up front I am not going to intentionally do damage to my hair (see: flat-iron) so he can cut it straight because he can’t/won’t deal with it as it is.


2 thoughts on “Finding a Routine and Too Many Shortcuts

    1. I think the biggest issue is that they just don’t have enough diversity to get a large enough portion of people who have curly hair to force them to deal with it as it is. Everyone looks at my curls, wild and free as they are, and call them “afro-hair” which makes me wonder if they’ve ever seen or touched true African curls a day in their lives – because sure as anything, mine might be curly, but the curls aren’t that small or tight.

      It’s also possible that, because of perceptions, this hair dresser might have gotten the wrong idea of just what kind of hair mine happens to be; simply due to language. I do have to keep that in mind that it might be as much of a case of miscommunication on both ends as it might be just on mine.

      If so, I will find out when I go in and hear what he has to say with my own ears because then he will also be able to see exactly what it is he is working with.

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