Packing Phase-Craze

Ironically, after all of that, this wait doesn’t seem to be that bad. The whole process has been 3-4 years in the making (thus far), so now that we can fairly safely set an actual date… funny enough, all that time doesn’t seem so long after all.

Now comes the fun part: sorting and packing belongings. I have been making lists of must-haves for some time now, but that has only served to tell me I have far too much stuff to fit into one suitcase.

Doing the math; it is still cheaper to pack an extra suitcase all of the things that are not fragile than it would be to ship it. The trick will be narrowing my list down enough to achieve that feat.

Like any transplant, this is exciting for me. When you reach that pivotal moment where it all comes together; its like finishing that last touch to a work of art or a long-term project. Until I have that suitcase on that plane, I will not be able to take that sigh of accomplishment.


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