Location Fixation

In the months leading up to my move, many things weigh in on my mind. Prime among those things are communication. How does an American born in the upper mid-west of the United States adapt to the social rules of communication in the UK? Forget the minor nuances that set each sub-region apart, I just don’t want to feel like I’ll embarrass myself when I open my mouth.

Or worse, before I speak at all. My personal sub-culture is very active non-verbally and already I have had more than one case of miscommunication among my new UK friends and family simply because, to them, my facial expression meant something very different than what I was actually feeling at the time.

In preparation, I have been reading self-help books on the topic and while it has not helped much in my own interpretation of what I see in the body language of others, it has made me more aware of how my own could be interpreted.

With a few visits under my belt already to what will be my new hometown, I feel that I might have something of an edge over other transplants; namely that I already have an idea of what things are like in the place where I will be living and I won’t be dropping myself into it without some forethought and planning.


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